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Effective cybersecurity is becoming increasingly important as hackers and other threats find their way past traditional security measures.

The concept of "secret information" harkens back to a time when only top spymasters knew and kept secrets. Now everyone seems to want to keep them. When you make a phone call, how often do y…

As Halloween approaches, the usual spate of horror movies will intrigue audiences across the U.S., replete with slashers named Jason or Freddie running amuck in the corridors of all too easi…

In October of 2015, an employee of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) walked out with sensitive information stored on a portable drive on their last day of work. This included …

Amazon Web Services was a prevalent presence in Cloud Security Week in mid August, as were new industry reports.

Thales to support AWS KMS with improved security and greater control with bring your own key (BYOK) with hardware key protection.

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