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Box Offers Customers Enhanced Cloud Security with KeySafe

February 08, 2016

With multiple reports that ransomware attacks are on the rise, it’s no surprise that a lot of focus is being placed on security these days, alongside a notable uptick in cybersecurity investment. Of course, for cloud security providers, this means more focus must be placed on cloud security than ever before and Box is the latest cloud provider to heed the call with the introduction of Box KeySafe.

Box KeySafe is Box’s new solution for customer managed encryption, putting cloud security in the hands of organizations by giving them independent control over their encryption keys without sacrificing on Box’s ease of use and powerful collaboration features. Put simply, KeySafe wants to enable even the most security conscious businesses to centralize their content in the cloud for greater levels of productivity and faster business processes.

“Businesses of every size across even the most regulated of industries can now take full control of their data in the cloud with Box KeySafe,” said Aaron Levie, co-founder and CEO of Box. “Today, we’re making customer-managed encryption easier to deploy and more cost-effective than ever before, further raising the bar for security in the cloud.”

In order to provide flexibility for businesses in selecting the right key management implementation for their organization, Box KeySafe is available in not one, but two offerings. The first was actually introduced one year ago as Box Enterprise Key Management (EKM). This solution leverages the popular Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform, along with a dedicated hardware storage module (HSM), to protect keys used to encrypt sensitive data.

Now, Box is introducing a new solution that integrates with the AWS Key Management Service to allow customers control of their encryption keys by way of a simple, software-based technology that doesn’t require dedicated HSMs.

Regardless, both Box KeySafe solutions offer independent key control, unchangeable usage policies and audit logs, and a frictionless end user experience. Box KeySafe with AWS CloudHSM is already available, while Box KeySafe with AWS Key Management Service will be available sometime in March.

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere

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