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The Rise of the Cloud Security Professional

The growing sophistication and prevalence of cloud technology is giving rise to a new type of IT specialist: the Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSPSM)...

Closing the Skills Gap

How to Keep the Bad Guys (Hackers) Out and ensure your Organization is Protected...

Are enterprises really ready to move into the cloud?

By Sichao Wang
An analysis of the pros and cons of moving corporate data into the cloud...

Security Guidance for Early Adopters of the Internet of Things (IoT)

Mobile Working Group
The document was created using inputs from a number of security and mobility experts representing diverse industries....

Data-Centric Protection

By Diana Kelley
How Data-Centric Protection Increases Security in Cloud Computing and Virtualization...


Intro to Cloud Computing

By Chris Brenton
A thirteen minute video on the basics of cloud computing. This presentation covers cloud definitions and deployment models. Also discussed is the impact of cloud on network architecture and resource deployment...

Cloud Versus Virtualization

By Chris Brenton
This eight minute video defines virtualization and cloud computing. It discusses how the two technologies differ, as well as how they can be combined together to form a flexible architecture...

Virtualization Security

By Chris Brenton
This nineteen minute video takes a high level view at securing virtualized deployments. Architecture concerns are addressed. Also discussed is when virtualization may be more or less secure than a stand alone deployment model...


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